Session info - Niña Gadhia

I understand that the first weeks of parenthood are hard. There are many reasons why you may have missed out on a newborn session - some cultures require mums to stay home for a couple of weeks, you are sleep deprived and exhausted or you may not have known that 5-14 days is the preferred age to shoot newborns. 

I am happy to photograph your baby at any age. 

The older baby session is for babies 4-12 weeks. The session is one hour at the studio and we take a mix of family photos and solo styled photos of your baby. At this age, they are more interactive and curious so we can get some beautiful open-eyed smiley photos and if we're lucky they tire out at the end of the session and we can get some sweet sleepy shots too.

Your little one has learnt the art of sitting up and all of the sudden their smiles are that little bit brighter.

Sitter sessions are usually done when baby is 6-9 months where they can sit up unassisted but not yet walking. The session is 1 hour at at studio and we do 3 solo set ups of baby and family photos. All outfits provided are on trend and sourced from popular instagram labels and props are incorporated too.

Our first meeting will be to plan your shoot. I would love to shout you a coffee but if you are pressed for time, I can give you a call. We will talk styling and what you can expect. I also want to get to know your family. What makes your baby smile? When does your baby nap?  I ask these questions so I can create a fun and relaxed environment for everyone.

On shoot day, if we are in the studio, I set up the studio so it’s nice and cosy for your family. If we are on location, I arrive early to check light and crowd conditions to plan the best way to capture the best photos for your family. There is plenty of time for feeding, nappy changes and cuddles, there is no rush. 

Each image in your gallery will be edited and ready for you to view in 1-2 weeks after your shoot.

At the design appointment you will see your photos for the first time.I can help you design the perfect wall art to make your house a home or create an album you will cherish.

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