1. Mama with a camera - Niña Gadhia

Passion is not a word I would have associated with my job. Once upon a time, the alarm would go off at 6am and I would spend my daylight hours in front of a computer screen playing with Excel.

Life changes when a little human comes into your life and for me, I took that opportunity to move out of the corporate world and pursue something that I loved. Now, I completely associate passion with my chosen career. I get up every morning looking forward to what the day will bring, whether it be a shoot itself or styling up a shoot or scouting a location for a shoot or editing the photos, I get to put on my creative hat at some point in my day.

Now, being a Mama with a camera doesn’t mean that I got up one day and thought “I can run a business taking cute photos”. I have been trained on the technical side of how to use a camera, I have been mentored on how to safely handle newborns and my past life as an accountant has given me the business tools I need to run my small business.

Being a Mama means I understand how it feels to be a first time parent and can empathise with you if you are a little tired at the shoot and do my best to give you that time to relax and maybe get some zzzs. Being a Mama means I speak “kid”, so when your toddler wants to do anything but take photos I am armed with my kid tools to try and convince them to give me a little smile. More importantly, being a Mama means I know how precious these moments are so I work hard to deliver to you photos that you can look back on with a smile.

My blog will cover a range of topics. Some will be photography related like what to expect at a newborn session with me. Some will be family related like interesting spots to visit with your kids. And I’ll throw in some fun surprise topics along the way too.

If there are any topics you want me to cover drop me a line at info@ngnewbornphotography.com.

Keep on smiling,

Niña (aka Mama with a camera).

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