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2019 Fathers Day gift ideas - Inner West family photographer

September 1 marks a special day for all the dads out there. It’s the day where we can spend time reminding them, telling them and showing them just how special they are and what they mean to us. So, what have you organised for Dad? Need some fresh ideas that doesn’t involve socks or ties? Read on :)

1. Enjoy an experience together

Does Dad like to watch the footy? Why not get him tickets to his team’s game that weekend and cheer them on with him. Team too far away? Get the family dressed in the team colours, grab Dad’s favourite snacks and beverages and cheer his favourite team on with him on your comfy couch.

Is Dad a big kid at heart? Let the inner child out to play on his special day:

- Go kart racing is fun for the dad that dreamed to be an F1 driver when he was a kid.

- Head over to Luna Park and go on all the rides with Dad.

- Skyzone or Flip Out venues will have Dad jumping (pun intended) for joy

2. Cook Dad his favourite meal

Whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, think of Dad’s favourite meal and give it a little pizzazz for Fathers Day. Does Dad like pancakes for breakfast? Why not cut the pancakes out into special shapes? Maybe spell out D-A-D-D-Y, use Nutella with a sprinkling of banana or strawberries for toppings (or yummy ice cream). Whatever it is, Dad will appreciate the effort made.

3. Twin it with Dad

It’s the one day in the year where twinning with Dad will be sweet. Customise a t-shirt for dad and the kids or whole family and take that family photo that you will look back on later and smile. Get creative with your concepts. Do you have a Sci-Fi loving dad? Why not get Star Trek t-shirts where Dad gets command red (like Jean Luc Picard) and the rest of family gets operational yellow, that is, if he is a fan of Star Trek Next Gen.

Last year I got my boys twinning shirts where Dad’s shirt says “The Original” and our little guy’s shirt says “The Remix”. This present is perfect for the instragram Dad.

4. Create a keepsake for the office desk

Work hours can be very long. Its nice to have a reminder of what’s important in your life right there in front of you. Why not organise a family photo shoot with Dad then create a mini frame he can keep at his desk? This is a sweet reminder to clock off and get home to his awesome family.

Whatever you decide to do, at the end of the day, as long as you are spending time together that’s what Dad wants the most.

Are you looking to get family photos done for Fathers Day? Get in touch with me and we can talk about a session.

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