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Meet Matilda and Ella my first twin boss ladies at my Five Dock studio.

These cuties were 5 weeks old at their first ever photo shoot. I usually like to do my newborn sessions when baby is 5-14 days old but with twins this may not be possible. Most twins arrive early like Matilda and Ella who were born at 36 weeks so they may need to stay in hospital a little longer.

Twins also mean double the newborn fun which means mum and dad will be double tired so may not have any energy to leave the house. So its not uncommon for twin newborn photo shoots to happen when they are older.

During the session these cuties played tag team with their sleep. Once Matilda decided she was happy to catch some zzzs Ella decided it was time to wake up and have a sticky beak at the studio With some milk and some rocking we managed to get both girls sleeping for a couple of photos together.

Its important for me that during a twin session I capture each baby individually as well as together. Matilda was the bigger baby size wise during the shoot but was also a little more chilled out than her sister. Ella had strong lungs and was the more curious sister at the shoot (I did however, manage to get a couple of extra photos of Ella once she decided to take a beauty nap) :)

After our shoot, I asked Mum some questions about life with twins and here’s what she had to say:

Q. How did you feel when you found out that you were having twins?

Honestly so shocked when we found out! We had the dated scan at 7 weeks and were both planning on going into work after our 8am appointment but right after we found out we both called our bosses and made an excuse to take the day off work just to process what we had been told. There was a mixture of excitement and nervousness with the unknown - could we do this? How much was my body going to change? CHILDBIRTH? All these questions running through my brain.

Q. What is the best thing about being a mum to twins?

The best thing is probably all of the extra attention you get with having twins. Two identical mini mes (Ok fine! They look exactly like their dad not me!) 

Q. What is the biggest challenge about being mum to twins?

The biggest challenge is probably accepting that everything takes twice as long ha ha and I always want to make sure I’m showing both girls the attention they deserve.

Q. Cutest / funniest moment with Matilda so far?

Cutest/funniest moment with Matilda so far was a couple of days after birth when we were in hospital Rob and I swore we both heard Matilda say “help me” ha ha that could have been our sleep deprivation but we are sticking with it!

Q. Cutest / funniest moment with Ella so far?

Cutest/funniest moment with Ella so far is her big smiles and little cooing when we talk to her - she’s so close to giggling I can’t wait for that moment.

Q. They say that twins have a special connection, can you see that with your girls?

I can see the special connection they share in subtle ways. They have made the exact same arm movements at the same time when they are sleeping (raising their arm, pushing against their wraps) it’s really cute! They also smiled for the first time on the same day. They really are identical in that sense. They are growing and developing at the same pace.

Have you recently welcomed a pair of cuties? Get in contact with me to chat about a twin baby photography session.

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