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I was once asked by a first time dad, “Do people still want photos after the newborn photo shoot?”, I smiled and said “Yes they do” and explained that I often had families come back to me to update their family photos. His question made me think about how different people value photography and how this drives the value they place on getting professional photos.

For some, the value is being able to document a special event or milestone that you don’t want to forget, for example, weddings, first birthday parties, christenings. This is completely understandable as you would have spent weeks, sometimes months, organising and planning this important event. On the day itself, you’re probably running around being the host (or getting hitched) that you will miss some of the small details and photos of the day will make sure you can look back and relive the day.

For others, the value is in capturing a brief moment in time. This is often the case when a new baby arrives in a family or holiday portraits when you are sure you’re not likely to come back to such a beautiful place. You book your newborn photographer or destination family photographer because you don’t want to lose this opportunity to remember this moment. The value is being able to freeze time, to be able to capture your newborn when they are so small that they can fit in your hands or that gorgeous sunset over a Hawaiian beach that will forever evoke feelings of calm and relaxation.

For me, the value of a photograph is all about its ability to take me back to that moment. Every day moments for me hold as much (sometimes more) value than special occasions. While I do love the cheesy photos where we are all looking into the camera or pulling silly faces, it’s the photos that have captured a genuine moment that pulls at my heart strings.

It’s the photo of my son, husband and father in law. Three generations of strong, intelligent and kind men (and little man) who all share the same beautiful smile and cheekiness.

It’s the photo of my niece smelling her new baby brother. So innocent and so sweet.

It’s the photo of my sister and her son taking a walk on one of our rare family getaways. I still remember being scared that the giant pelicans would mistake my then little nephew for lunch :)

Its the photo of me and my beautiful Ma. I don’t know if this photo was developed (kids – this is when photos were made in places called dark rooms) as a sepia photograph or whether it has turned sepia over time. Its value is so high to me that it sits in a frame in our home so I can see it every day.

Whether it’s a practical reason or a sentimental one, there is value in all photography. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself, do you know anyone who doesn’t have any type of photos in their possession? I think you will be hard pressed to find such a person.

If you value photography and are looking to take your first professional photos or update your family photos please contact me on the link below.

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