Practising what I preach - Inner West Sydney family photographer

Early 2019, we booked our first ever professional family photo shoot. This had been on our to do list for such a long time but the usual excuses popped up – we can’t find the right time when we’re all free, I’m not feeling camera ready yet, it's too cold in winter, it's too hot in summer.

Now I am going to be honest and confess, I am that mama that takes photos all the time. The SLR comes with us every holiday and yes I pack outfits for an impromptu... or slightly planned photo shoot. My son does something cute in the playground and my iphone is out. So we have lots of super cute photos of my son, beautiful photos of my husband and son and gorgeous photos of me and my son.

What was missing were family photos of the three of us together, family photos of the three of us connecting, photos of me and my husband where I’m not wearing my wedding dress. There is only so much an SLR on a tripod can take and there is only so far that an arm can reach for a selfie.

How did we finally get there? Well it started with an insta scroll for me. I found these amazing photographers from America – Twig and Olive Photography. Their style was so different from what I was seeing in Australia so I started to follow them. I loved the way they captured genuine moments, you can see the emotion and connection in their photos. Then they announced that they were coming to Sydney. It was a no brainer. All the excuses were gone and we made it happen and made the booking.

Bobbi from Twig and Olive made the shoot so relaxed and made it fun for all of us. She captured such beautiful and creative photos for us. Our gallery had a great variety of images and we chose our favourite to create a wall art collection for our home.

It can be hard to practise what you preach but now I’ve experienced what its like to be on the other side of the camera. I thought I was going to be super awkward but with such a great family photographer I forgot that the camera was there. We as a family had a lot of fun in a beautiful location and now have the wall art to remember it by.

Still just thinking about getting family photos done? Happy to chat with you, I’ve been in your spot, I understand what you’re going through.

Contact Niña to book your Sydney family portrait session.

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