6. The first princess - Niña Gadhia

The first princess - Inner West Sydney newborn photographer

When I met Bobby and Emily they weren’t sure about when to take photos of their baby. They were a little concerned about whether or not those first few weeks would be too hard and too overwhelming to find the time to take newborn photos. I completely empathised and explained to them what they can expect from a newborn shoot vs and older baby shoot.

A newborn photo shoot is typically done when baby is 5-14 days old. The reason for this is, during this window, your baby tends to be a little more sleepy and easier to pose. I told Bobby and Emily that if they were after the sleeping photos of baby this would be the choice for them.

An older baby photo shoot is done when baby is 4 weeks+. Baby is still little, but a lot more alert and wanting to stretch out a lot more. You can expect more open eyed shots and the props used would mainly be floor props so they can be awake while being safely photographed.

Once baby Keira arrived, mum contacted me for a newborn session and I happily obliged.

We started the session with the family photos and we were lucky enough to have Emily’s mum at the shoot. Every time I have a grandparent at the newborn photography session I request to take a generational shot – grandma, mum and baby. For me, these photos are so special for the family.

Dad braved a couple of shots with his naked baby girl and escaped any accidents… Mum wasn’t so lucky. It’s the risk we must take to get those beautiful naked baby photos.

The palette chosen was pastels and neutrals and Mum requested teal in one of the set ups. This is a rare request but I’m so happy Emily asked for this colour because the results were gorgeous, hopefully when people see these photos more parents choose this shade.

Baby Keira wanted to stay awake so we kept on offering the good stuff – Mum’s milk, to help here catch some zzzs.

We left the bucket shot to last because I wasn’t sure if baby Keira would be settled enough to safely sit in the prop. Funnily enough, she went in easily and was very comfortable in the bucket. Maybe I should have started with the bucket :)

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