I missed out on a newborn photo shoot - Inner West Sydney baby photographer

When my son was born, I woke up every day planning on doing a newborn photo shoot. And every day I would choose sleep over photos until I blinked and he was four weeks old.

For most photographers a newborn shoot is done when baby is 5-14 days old. This is my ideal age since baby is usually quite sleepy and easier to pose at this age.

But sometimes, its just too hard to get out of the house for those first couple of weeks. You are probably very sleep deprived and choose sleep over anything (I get it, that’s what I did :) ). You want to get your baby into a routine to try and help you out in the long run. You are still trying to figure this whole parenting thing out so don’t have time to do anything else. Being a mum, I completely understand where you’re coming from.

Baby photos are a great alternative to newborn photos and a service I provide at my Five Dock studio. Baby photos are usually done when baby is 6 weeks+. Mum and dad have had time to adjust to their new life and are feeling more relaxed. Baby may have even gotten their first vaccination shots so mum and dad are feeling more confident taking baby out in public. So now might be a better time for the family to organise those baby photos.

Some things will be different in an older baby session as opposed to a newborn shoot:

If you like props in the photos, the props available will be different because your baby will be bigger. I like to use my bigger wooden bowls and flokati rugs for older baby photo shoots.

The poses your baby will go into safely, will be different to those in a newborn session. Your baby is more alert now and will usually want to stay awake for most of the session. They have also discovered their limbs so are usually wanting to stretch them out, they usually don’t want to curl their little legs in as much when they are older than a month.

Older babies around 6 weeks old are more interactive, I can get lots of beautiful open eyed shots. Most newborns will tend to be a little cross eyed when you get an open eyed shot of them.

Some babies have learned to coo. While you won’t see the “coo” in your photos, if mum and dad coo back at baby during the session, sometimes I can get a little smile from baby.

Your baby is stronger at 6 weeks, which means they can do tummy time for a little longer giving us those sweet tummy time pics.

At 6 weeks old, your baby is still little so you can get family photos where they still look small, giving you those baby photos you will treasure forever.

Missed out on a newborn shoot and want to know more about a baby shoot? Contact me on the link below to chat about a baby photo shoot.

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