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You’ve just finished your professional newborn or family photo shoot. You love the photos you have seen at your design appointment and would love to display them in your home. But you are hesitating buying those beautiful frames because you are renting your home.

With Sydney property prices the way they are at the moment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to own your own home. The only other choice families have is to rent until they are able to afford their dream home. A common question I get asked as a newborn and family photographer is “what are my options in displaying my photos if we rent?”

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Fair Trading NSW is the government authority on rental properties and they have provided some guidelines on your ability to hang frames in your rental home:

- Written consent from your landlord is a must if you want to make minor alterations such as installing picture hooks on the wall to hang your family photos

- It is smart to make sure you have a written agreement with your landlord regarding who will pay the costs and what will happen to any fixtures at the end of the lease

From this article, it looks like you may be able to hang photo frames in your rental home as long as you have the written permission from your landlord.

If your landlord gives you the green light to hang photos, yay! You are on your way to creating some warmth in your family home.

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Some tips on hanging your professional family photos in your rental home:

- Canvas wall art is much lighter than frames or woodblocks so these would make for a great choice of material when deciding to hang your family photos. Print a big statement piece to hang on your favourite wall or create a collage with multiple photos.

- If you have permission to hang frames, I would take the frame you want to hang to your local Bunnings (or equivalent store) and get some advice on the best hooks to use. You want something that will support the frame and something that will be easy to remove when you move out.

- When hanging picture frames, don’t just use a single picture hook, double or triple the hooks used for hanging. This will give your frame much more support. It may be a little over kill but better more support than not.

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If your landlord has denied your request to hang photo frames there are still other creative ways to display your family photos.

- Do you have a fire place or a tall book case or storage unit? Print your favourite family photos and use different sized frames to create a point of interest on the top of your fire place, tall book case or storage unit. This is also great because little fingers can’t reach the frames when they are up high :)

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- Create a curtain wire photo display. Ikea sell a curtain wire rod hanging system ( that can be used to display your professional family photos.

Print some of your favourite family photos from your latest family photo shoot. Now you can use this opportunity to be creative and tell a story:

• Print art mounted photos with a double mount to create a modern feel to your photo display

• Print square images for a sweet look to your family story board

• Choose a mix of close up images with group shots to create interest

• Print in black and white for a classic look or in colour to brighten up the space

- Use a wooden ladder to create a unique frame. Print your family photos as art mounted prints and creatively hang them between the ladder rungs using ribbon or jute rope for a rustic look.

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- If your kids are older and don’t need supervision around furniture, an art easel to display big statement frames is a unique way to show off your favourite family photo. Alternatively, if you like the New York City loft apartment look, you can lean a big frame against an exposed brick wall for an uber chic look.

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- Print your favourite photo on the circular wood block (part of my Print Family). It hangs off a beautiful leather strap that you can hang on a wall or a door with a 3M adhesive picture hook.

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Your professional family or newborn photos should be printed so you can enjoy them. You didn’t invest your time and money to store your memories on a USB to sit in a drawer. Being in a rental home is not a deterrent for investing in beautiful wall art to display your gorgeous family or newborn photos if you’re willing to think a little outside of the box.

Interested in your print options when you book with me? Come meet the Print Family by clicking on the link below.

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