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What's the difference between a studio session and a lifestyle newborn session? 

Lifestyle sessions are more documentary and taken in the comfort of your home. There are no studio props involved and its all about capturing you as a family welcoming your newest member. 

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Do you like the look of the photos in my Lifestyle portfolio? These clients all had big windows that let in beautiful lighting during our session. I am a natural light photographer so the most important thing I need for your session is good natural light.

We can achieve this if your home has some of the following:

big windows

- white / light walls

- light coloured bedding

- time your session to when the light is best


I will need enough space to create beautiful, interesting angles for your photos.


During a session I usually shoot in the living room, master bedroom and nursery. If you have time before our session, it is very helpful if you are able to put away things you don't want in your photos or tidy up the areas you would like to use. 


During the cooler months, it is important that we can heat up the room where we will be taking baby's solo photos. This is mainly to keep baby cosy and settled. 

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Click on the link below to get a feel of what you can expect from a session with me.

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Do you bring props to the home?

The studio props are not used in a lifestyle newborn session. You do, however, have access to beautiful wrap, rompers and milestone cards from brands such as Jamie Kay and Snuggle Hunny Kids.

The natural light isn't great at home, can't we just turn on the lights?

Most lights will cast a colour on your photos (usually a yellow tinge will appear from most home lights). This is why I don't turn on lights and use natural light as much as I can. If you don't have great lighting, maybe consider a studio session with me?

My baby is here, is it too late to book?

I always do my best to accomodate late bookings. Most of my clients book their sessions with me in their second trimester so there are specific dates blocked out in advance around their due date. Clients that book in advance will always get priority to the available dates and times.

That all sounds great, what are the next steps?

Yay! While you are here, make sure to visit "The Experience" page so you can familiarise yourself with how I run my sessions.

If you are ready to book, hit the "Book now" button below.

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